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          Wilkes University

          Dr. Terese Wignot - Senior Vice President/Provost

          Dr. Terese Wignot - Interim Provost

          in various faculty and administrative roles since 1989.

          Dr. Terese Wignot

          She began her career at Wilkes as a faculty member, teaching a variety of chemistry

          of the chemistry department for more than eleven years. She was also the director of Science in Motion, a grant-funded program which provides middle and high school students with access to advanced science experiments, equipment, and instruction for enhanced STEM learning.

          In her most recent position of Associate Provost of Enrollment Services, Dr. Wignot led the overall enrollment strategy of the University. She oversaw undergraduate and

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          Wilkes enrolled its largest and most qualified first-year class. Dr. Wignot was also instrumental in developing WilkesEDGE, a program that helps select students in their transition from high school to college.

          As Interim Provost, Dr. Wignot is responsible for leading the University’s academic schools and colleges, and supporting staff colleagues in the areas of the library and technology, the office of the registrar, University College, sponsored programs outreach.

          She has served on a variety of University committees including the Admissions and Financial Aid Committee, the University Athletic Board, the Faculty Affairs Council,

          served as Interim Provost, Acting Dean of the School of Education, Interim Dean of the College of Science and Engineering and Associate Provost for Academics.

          502 Bad Gateway She is a member of the American Chemical Society and Phi Beta Kappa.


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