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          Wilkes University

          Summer Credit Classes

          Take online summer classes at the reduced rate of $530 per credit.

          Summer classes are a great way to lighten your course load for next year, catch up on missed classes or even graduate early. This year, all summer classes will be conducted in online and remote formats, and most credits can be transferred to other schools for visiting students.

          Start your summer courses in May, June or July.


          View the Summer Schedule

          Summer 2020 Classes

          • Three-week presession: May 18 to June 5
          • Full session: May 18 to Aug. 14
          • Summer session I: June 8 to July 10
          • Nine-week session: June 8 to Aug. 11
          • Summer session II: July 13 to Aug. 14

          On the graduate level, classes are available on weekends and in the evenings. Special undergraduate courses at the Marine Science Consortium at Wallops Island, Virginia are also offered each summer.

          Summer Tuition Discount Program
          Wilkes University offers summer tuition at the discounted rate of $530 per credit for undergraduate courses. This discount does not apply to any graduate, professional programs, accelerated or second bachelor's degree programs, or courses already discounted.


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